Prisoners of Hope

They hear the thunderous promises
Watch the lightning proofs
“It’s about to rain”
The eyelid of the sun is shut.

They gather in the rain cloud
With varying buckets of hope
Gazing at the Heaven’s Flag
For the covenant of rain

They wait for the raindrop
With varying baskets of thirst
Thinking of its delay
As the comfort of the latter rain

When the swelling cloud is empty of rain
It farts out thunderously on their raised faces
Until they look to the earth
Leaking out its baskefulness

The former rain had ended
Stealing away buckets and baskets
Emptying homes, hopes and thirsts
Into the foreign deposit of the Dead Sea

They have braved up for the rain
Having nothing for the rainy day
Save the drops of their eyesberg
I see their rain of tears like tears of rain
They are prisoners of hope.

(c)Alade Blessing


Blessing Alade, (M.A. Literature in English) is an editor, content developer, test items writer (Literature in English), creative writer, poet, guitarist and pianist.

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